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Theatre enthusiasts are drawn to theatrical productions for varied reasons, ranging from script, choreography, cast to musical score.

While actors, directors and choreographers often steal the spotlight, there are many unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

These individuals include set designers, lighting designers, make-up artists and sound directors who painstakingly make everything work like clockwork.

Without these key players’ dedication and hard work, our experience of the performing arts wouldn’t be as impressive or enjoyable.

In recognition of their outstanding efforts, online arts portal and Boh Plantations feted the recipients of the 13th Boh Cameronian Arts Awards (BCAA) Technical Awards and Junior Cammies. At the event, held in Kuala Lumpur last week , 20 winners received awards in categories including light, set, sound and costume, styling and make-up for dance, musical theatre and theatre.

Recipients of the 13th BCAA Technical Awards and Junior Cammies received an award and RM1,000. The main Cameronian Arts Awards ceremony takes centrestage on April 24 in Kuala Lumpur.

For the Technical Awards and Junior Cammies, it was a memorable event especially for first time winners Zen Tan – recipient of Best Set Design award for The Dawns Here Are Quiet under the theatre category and Clarence Chua, who won Best Sound Design for indicinelive! The Revival Show 2015 (for theatre).

Another first-time winner Priyangka Satsitananda, smiled gleefully after clinching the award for Best Costume Design, Styling & Make-Up for Sand The Musical (musical theatre category).


Charmaine Koh Sher Min with the Best Principal Role (musical theatre) award for her role in Annie, The Musical.

“I am really surprised as this is my first involvement in a musical play. Prior to this, I have helped out in charity shows. Winning the award feels great,” she said.

Introduced last year, the Junior Cammies seeks to reward the best musical theatre staged at local secondary schools. Last year, it also included theatre productions to provide a bigger impetus for students to stage plays.

For this year’s Junior Cammies, Brendan Tang clinched Best Principal Role (theatre category), for his performance in The Ketchup Bottle in Sri Emas International School’s Student Directed Festival Season One. Reuben Chow and Shahrizuan Shaharuddin won for Best Production Design (theatre category), for their work in Fugue in another Sri Emas production (Student Directed Festival Season Two). Cempaka Cheras School student Charmaine Koh Sher Min walked away with Best Principal Role (musical theatre) for her role in Annie, The Musical.

Currently, Kakiseni and Boh are expanding access of the arts in schools by involving artists in training. Kakiseni president Low Ngai Yuen said children who are exposed to arts programmes are more confident, well spoken and have a stronger civic mind.

“The arts is crucial to ensure a well-rounded journey in education. It is not about turning more students into artists. Rather we are looking at the versatility of a child to communicate, build lateral skills, lead and be excellent in future quests,” said Low, who is working with the Education Ministry to champion the 2016 National English Drama competition, taking place in August.

The National English Drama Competition is an ongoing competition initiated by the Education Ministry to improve English fluency in schools and encourage students’ participation in the performing arts.

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