The design for the canisters this year is inspired by the ripple concept—a positive change, in line with the #14BCAA’s intention of raising the bar. The rippling concept is all about harnessing the potential to generate energy and power that far surpasses its own.

Names of past award-winning productions have been included in the design, in the rings of the ripple, to highlight not only their achievement, but also that they play a huge role in influencing the rest of the industry to strive for better. Selection of winning productions are also based on where the production house/organization is today – they must’ve continuous growth since.

With the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards at the centre of this ripple, this canister design reflects the importance of the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards in generating positive energy and inspiring the types of performances and productions that are altogether outstanding and impactful.

Share your thoughts as well as pics and vids of yourself (with this canister) on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Oh, and be sure to hashtag #14bcaa. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for your posts!