by Low Ngai Yuen


The 11th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2014 has been quite an experience and a big part of the reason for that – the trophy. It started out as a grand idea. I wanted something different designed. Something that will be in sync with the awards, stay and then grow with the awards. Then came the part on how were we going to do that. We spent months figuring that out and everything came to complete dead end. It was real sheer chance that we were reminded of Rapid Model’s tagline – realising dreams; and then a lightbulb came on! Let’s 3D print the trophies! It’d be exactly what we are trying to say – that anything is possible and can be a reality!

Working with Makespace and designed by its co-founder, Sky Chew; the design of the trophy is inspired by that of a Monarch Butterfly, known for its highly evolved migration pattern of any known insect. Designed like it’s just come out of a cocoon and ready to take flight towards greater things is exactly what the 11th BOH Cameronian Awards 2014 wants to do – instill the aspiration of a world that is now waiting for their talents and that they are now ready to take on new and bigger challenges.

Printed by the Stratasys Objet500 Connex3 (name of the super amazing 3D printer) using photopolymer resins as material that allows for fine details with laser precision, I am really proud to be amongst the earliest to adopt 3D printing as a solution to realize designs – indeed, anything is possible; and what better way to recognize fellow artists’ talents and contribution to the arts!

The trophy stands at 24.6cm in height and weighs 750g.

On why Rapid Model Development Sdn Bhd (RMD) supports us, Dalphine Ong, its executive director summed it best: “Arts are the embodiment of innovation. It inspires people. It touches hearts and souls. Most important of all, it brings an idea to life and this is the spirit which we need to advocate.”

1. About Makespace

Built out as a workshop for everyone, Makespace serves anyone with ideas by providing tools to make, space to expand and a community to learn from.

2. The 11BCAA trophy is designed by Sky Chew

Sky Chew, co-founder of Makespace is an avid maker with an eye for design. Sky champions new ways and new material for making, and he is deep into the maker movement – paving ways for new technologies’ accessibility for he believes that individuals who make, create and innovate are able to drive positive societal change.

3. About Rapid Model

Rapid Model Development Sdn. Bhd. (RMD) believes that innovation comes from ideation. It requires challenging of the fundamentals, constantly questioning the norm and finally, proof of concept. RMD empowers makers, inventors and innovators to go beyond their dreams through Stratasys’ 3D printer technology. RMD provides workshops, seminars and training sessions to promote the growth of the 3D printing industry.