Who is your #TokohSeni?

Stories here may be used for our BOH Cameronian Arts Awards programme book.

Our Tokoh Seni special edition BOH Cameronian tea of 2015 features five icons: Chin San Sooi, Normah Nordin, Dato’ Rahim Razali, Datin Marion D’Cruz and Dato’ Faridah Merican. Our three icons from 2014 are P Ramlee, Krishen Jit and Usman Awang. We know there are many more inspiring people out there. Who are the people from our past, or practising today, we should know about?

We want to hear from you, so leave a comment and share with us stories of your favourite tokoh seni — we want to know how they inspired you  through their involvement in the arts, or just how you relate to them.


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Fadzly’s #TokohSeni is

My #TokohSeni is Wan Hanafi Su

I\’ll start off with a question. Have you watched Bunohan? Those that says yes, knows how great of a film it was. For those that had said no, I encourage you to watch it for its beautiful story, inspired by Shakespeare\’s King Lear. Under the direction of acclaimed auteur Dain Said, Wan Hanafi Su delivered one of his most memorable moment as an actor. Although the plot centred mostly around his three sons, it was his performance as Pok Eng that held the movie together. He was the glue that bonded the story arch of his sons. Beautifully told, gracefully filmed and amazing performance from the actors. Wan Hanafi Su\’s in particular stood out for me. It was another powerful screen time from this man. This multiple award winning actor first started out as a stage actor. He played the role of Pak Hasan, from the book Hari- Hari Terakhir Seorang Seniman, both on stage and telemovie. His strong roots of stage theatre has served him well. Wan Hanafi Su\’s portrayal of any character given to him always appear to be methodologically well thought off. He is known to be skilled in method acting, he often delivers powerful and memorable performances. Today, I believe there is no other actor, be it on stage or celluloid, that come close to the standards of acting from Wan Hanafi Su. It is about time, this man receives his recognition as a well respected actor, as a powerful stage performer and as a #TokohSeni.

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Alya Abdullah’s #TokohSeni is

Yasmin Ahmad

Every single works that has been made by her remind me of my own root.

It doesn’t matter how many awards she have won before, she always never failed to inspired me.

She’s always in my heart!

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Fahkruddin Azman’s #TokohSeni is

Dr. Joseph Gonzales

He is an educator, a scholar and a choreographer par excellence. He is my choice for Tokoh Seni because he has transformed the lives of many, especially ASWARA students who are flying all around the world doing amazing things. He has obviously made them believe in themselves and paved the way for great great change such as Faillul Adam and Murni Omar, who have now graduated from Ireland, and Fairul Zahid who studies at NYU! The success of the students is testimony of the “ketokohan” of the guru.

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Jasmeen Kaur’s #TokohSeni is

my #TokohSeni is Dato’ Freida Pilus

Although she has never taught me performing arts, but she had always been encouraging me whenever I was demotivated. I usually had stage frights but she said now or never. It was just once that I had a stage fright but now the stage seems like my second home. She is the Founder and Mentor of Cempaka Schools. She has inspired all the students to pursue their dreams, with a quote, which is instilled in all Cempakans: ‘Nothing Is Impossible’. Indeed nothing is as long as there is passion, determination and lots of hard work. She has always been stressing out that it does not matter how many times you have failed when you had try, but it will matter when you succeed and think of what would have happened if you did not try. To boost my confidence, she also dances with me during school events. She participates in many events to increase our self esteem. She had provided me a full-scholarship to the prestigious Cempaka International Ladies’ College, a premier international boarding school only for girls. She had provided me with an education so that I can be a lady of substance and play a role in nation-building. Just because of her, I am getting the best education that is provided by Cempaka International Ladies’ College. She is my #TokohSeni in many ways.

I have made a poem that I would like to recite to her:

You are my inspiration,
My motivation to always keep going,
You see my abilities when others belittle me,
You are my cache for me to keep my anxiousness,
You kindle my potential,
When others debilitate my encouragement,
Those cacophony of voices I hear,
When I am down,
To cajole me,
Those laconic advices you give,
Bring lots of significance to my life,
In great deference I thank you for everything,
The things that you have done for me,
Is just below words for me to express.

I sincerely thank you, Dato’ Freida for everything that you have granted me.

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Wong Pui Yi’s #TokohSeni is

Ooi Eow Jin

Hi, I\’m not sure how this Tokoh Seni works and if it\’s all over, but please find more information on Uncle Ooi here:

“It was Ooi who once toured with P. Ramlee, who conducted the most lauded orchestra in the land, and who wrote the first song ever recorded in a studio by a revered Malaysian singer: Sudirman.”

His story is a magical one, and he deserves national recognition. The government might never recognise his contributions, but it would be wonderful if the rakyat did, through Kakiseni.

Thank you.

Photo by Stacy Liu,

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Farisa Munir’s #TokohSeni is


For me ,
P.ramlee are only the man who don’t ever stop make me smilling when watch his movie ,
He the only the man who don’t ever stop me to laughing when enjoying his funny moment’s ,
Creating a movie full with a spirit of youngblood and patriotics theme and
he not only give us his ” hilarious moments ” but give us a good moral behind his movie . His song full with a deep meaning of love that will make you heart melt like an ice . a unique and creative lyrics that will make you falling in more with his art of music . That how i describe a person named ” P.Ramlee ” .

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Raagavi Gaun'deer’s #TokohSeni is

Tan sri Dr. P Ramlee

It was early 90’s at estate in kedah perak border, as single mum raising 3 of us, as Tamil’s we grew up listening our Malay neighbor radio broadcast. Occasionally some Malay movies with invitations as we cant afford any. Still fresh in mind, introducing to P Ramlee’s shows, we would laugh whenever there is funny act goes on. And eventually re-act those during our play times. even though we never understood those language in the beginning. It was his songs that i felt in love with. from engkau laksana bulan, to dendang perantau, and popular ad “ibu” echoes in the air. Again we will re-produce those melody with our own ” language” back than. This multi talented man became my music idol during teenage years. Eventually my career inspiration now. Thru my malay friend / part of my family i learned more about this legend, who wrote musics and won international attention and awards.
I was once discourage for considering music as career, But now taking a big step update my music knowledge holding him as one of my “Superhero”. If he could be a singer, songwriter, a composer, an actor, a director, a producer back in world war period, I am certain of my bright future in this century, Cause we both are Malaysians.

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shay’s #TokohSeni is

Sabri Yunus

He is as what i describe as a person :
a) From nowhere to somewhere
b) From just an ordinary comedian to an extraordinary industry player

Back then, i enjoying watching Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu, in which he is one of the comedian starring in that sitcom. That time i was 11 or 14 years old..

And now, he is expanding his talents not only in comedian arena, but to drama directorship and enriching newcomers acting skill.

All the best Mr. Sabri Yunus

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